Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Star Dishcloth

Slightly lost my crochet mojo these last couple of days but I did manage to finish a dishcloth.  Janelle's Star Dishcloth is a free pattern that was simple to follow and took hardly any time to finish. 

So it looks like our time in Germany will be coming to an end soon.  Finally after two months of waiting for the paperwork to be approved we got word that we will be out of here in the next few months.  Am I still a little bitter that all of this was caused due to a clerical error? Yes.  Am I even more ticked off that it took two months to correct a mistake?  Of course.  Am I surprised that nobody bothered to change our original leave date and just assumes its easy to make all the necessary appointments without official orders?  No, I am not surprised at this point the people that are in charge of our future did not think about the 2 week wait time for orders and the fact there are shortened work weeks in November due to Veteran's Day and Thanksgiving.  This makes it even more difficult to plan a move.  At least some people were looking out for us and are helping us get the necessary paperwork signed so we have a little extra time.  Yes, the extra time will mean we won't make it back to the States for Christmas but it also means we don't have to run around like chickens with our heads chopped off trying to get everything done at a rapid pace for a move literally halfway across the globe.  But on the bright side, even though our leave date is still up in the air at least now we know it is official that we will not have to spend another year here.  I wouldn't trade the experience of living in Germany for anything but these last 6 months have been so stressful that it really is time to move on. 

And once again to the readers of my blog, thank you for letting me vent.  Ranting about the military every once in awhile on my blog is helping to keep me sane.  I'm hoping when we get to Hawaii I will have more positive stories to share because these past 6 months it has all been negativity.


  1. Katie I am so sorry to here about the troubles you have been having with your transfer. I use to be in the military and I was also married to a marine so I know how it can be. Are you moving to Hawaii or is that just a stop over? I always did get a little confused how the travel is. Take some nice deep breaths and don't let anyone push you around.

    1. Thanks Sherry! I hate to sound so negative all the time but right now blogging about it is my only option to vent. On the bright side we are starting to get some good news for a change.
      The military is paying for us to fly back to Illinois for leave since we are doing consecutive overseas tours. After visiting home for a couple of weeks we will head to Hawaii.

  2. hi katie...thanks for stopping by my blog. love yours, by the way...i wish i could get a bit better at crochet! hope everything works out for the best re your moving. mezz

  3. Hi Katie, hope everything works out positively for you and you can celebrate your Christmas without any stress.
    Your dishcloth is nice! Having a hobby and working on crochet might be taking the stress off for sometime. So keep crocheting whenever you find time in your busy and stressful moments :)

    1. Thanks Preeti! Crocheting definitely helps when I'm feeling stressed out. I guess that's why I've finished so many projects in the last 6 months! lol

  4. So pretty star, love it!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a sweet comment!
    Happy week !

    Hugs from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft


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