Thursday, November 15, 2012

Round Dishcloth

My husband and I were watching a tv show on the computer last night so that meant I couldn't look up a new pattern online.  So I decided to try and do something different and ended up making a round dishcloth.  Since I've spent so much time this year making hats, I basically followed my favorite hat pattern but did regular old double crochet stitches instead of the front post double crochet stitch.  The best part is I got to use up some of my scrap cotton yarn.

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  1. I love when you reach the point of being comfortable enough with a style that you can go off on your own. I have made so many ami toys that I was able to add a variety of hats to little dolls that were not included in a project I'm working on. No patterns, but I've made so many I just let my hook go.

    I love the look you created. The colors are a great blend.


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