Friday, May 18, 2012

More Yarn!!!!

I received order #2 from Joanns today.  I bought 2 Caron One Pounders in Black and one skein each in White, Scarlet, Rose, Country Rose, and Soft Sage.  I also decided to try Red Heart's With Love yarn in Lettuce since it was on sale and I've never worked with it before.  Most of these will be used towards making hats for the Bridge and Beyond.  Not sure what I will do with what is left over but I'm not complaining because at least my acrylic yarn stash is growing again.


  1. I love to work with Caron poounders because they are so soft. Nice stash building you have there.

  2. Sorry NTCtag! I responded to the post you left here and then managed to delete your original post. I left a respnse over on your blog.

    1. I managed to do that too few times when I was starting my blog. Thanks for your response.
      Ning x : )

  3. Caron pounders are nice. I love having no ends when you work with something that large, and it's nice yarn; and it's priced fairly.

    Thanks for adding the Bridge and Beyond Badge, much appreciate it. And for chatting about us as well with links...NICE!

  4. Love the Caron One Pounders...what I love more?--receiving goodies in the mail!
    TracyAnn visiting from yarn a long and


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