Thursday, May 3, 2012

Completed Hobo Bag

I completed the Hobo Bag last night.  I am pleased with myself for branching out and making a bag for the first time.  I tend to crochet very loosely so if I made this bag again I would probably use an even smaller hook ( I used an I hook this time even though the pattern called for a K hook).  I would also consider revising the pattern so there are less rows.  I followed the pattern but it ended up being longer than I would prefer.  I probably won't use this as an everyday bag but I think it will make a great beach bag for Hawaii next year.


  1. It looks cute!! I'm so glad you enjoyed the's very easy to adapt, so i hope you'll make yourself a smaller bag, too!! I'd love to see pictures when you do!!

  2. Thanks so much for the free pattern! I was nervous at first since I've never made a bag before but the pattern was easy to follow. I'll let you know when I make another one.


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