Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Beginning of a Scrap Yarn Afghan

So I'm feeling burned out on hats so I need a distraction for awhile.  I would like to make an afghan using up my scrap yarn.  I would make the first 2 rounds of a square.  Then I would either join 4 squares together and add a border like I did with this square:

And keep joining 4 squares and adding a border until I have enough to join all the bordered squares together.

Or I could just skip the border and join all the squares together like this:

Please ignore the quality of the joining.  This was my first attempt at joining using a hook and not a needle.  This picture is more to illustrate that I will just be joining all squares together like this so the final afghan will be comprised of squares all the same size.  The only border there will be would be around the entire afghan.

Anyway, I was undecided on which method to go with so I asked my husband.  He chose the second option which means I will have to make more squares than had I chosen the first option.  I would like to only use the scrap yarn I have laying around to make the squares and not use any skeins that have enough yarn to make a hat or something.  This will be an ongoing project.  Something that I can work on when I'm bored with another project.


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  1. I probably should have started with your first post and worked forward, instead of most recent to oldest post, lol. If you're not going with your first option, I would suggest edging all your little squares with one before you join. that way when you join you have a cohesiveness to it, even with lots of different colors in the squares. It also makes it easy to join and looks more finished. Helps also with your size if you don't have lots of squares. And, it gives you the opportunity to work all your ends in when you border your squares. With them being bordered with the same color you do your join with you don't see your joining yarn.


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