Saturday, April 21, 2012

Soldiers' Angels

I would like to proudly show off something that I did not make for a change.  This is a crocheted storage bag that was sent to my husband while he was deployed in Afghanistan by a complete stranger.  Soldiers' Angels is a wonderful organization where people can support the troops by sending care packages.

This is the bunk bed my husband slept in for a year.  He worked the night shift so the bottom bunk where he slept is covered up so light doesn't get in.  As you can see he proudly displayed his patriotic bag for everyone to see.  He also has a Josh Groban tshirt that someone sent through Soldier's Angels that he  brought home with him.  He wears it to the gym all the time.

My point in posting is that someone took the time to make a handmade item for my husband to brighten his day and it did so much more than that.   My husband is very supportive in my hobby and knew that someone put some time and love into his gift and for that he was very appreciative.  I'm extremely thankful that not only did my husband make his way home safely from Afghanistan but so did this wonderful crocheted gift.
The Crochet Boulevard

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