Friday, April 27, 2012

An Owl, Wooden Clogs, and a Bag

So my husband is finally home and I got to give him his gifts that I got in Amsterdam.  He loves owls so I got him a figurine.  And I knew I'd regret leaving without a pair of wooden clogs so I bought that as well.  He loved them so now I feel less guilty for going on vacation without him.

I mentioned yesterday I was going to attempt to make a bag off the top of my head because I couldn't find a pattern I liked.  I wasn't thrilled with how the bag was turning out so I started blog surfing when I came across the Hobo Bag Pattern.  Wish I would have found it sooner because it is exactly what I was looking for in a bag.  I'm going to frog what I started and try that pattern out.  I'm hoping I have enough yarn for it.

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