Sunday, April 22, 2012

Go Illini!

Using the yarn I had previously intended to be used for a U of Illinois afghan, I recently completed a scarf and 3 hats.  I'm fairly certain I have no more skeins left in the navy blue which is good and bad.  Good because I no longer have to keep staring at the navy blue as I try to work through the skeins and bad because I'm getting low on acrylic yarn. 

I decided since my husband is away at a training class until next week I would join the April Charity CAL over at Crochetville.  Once a month they have a CAL where you complete items to be donated to charity.  It will be fun at the end of the CAL to see what we accomplished.

Speaking of donations,  I decided to keep track on my blog the items I have donated to charity this year.  I decided to only count the items once they are sent instead of after I complete them.  I forgot how much I sent in my most recent package to Bridge and Beyond so I will just wait until Sandy makes a blog post there before I add to my totals on my blog.

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