Wednesday, October 31, 2012

WIP Wednesday: Two Purses

I've mentioned before that I'm still new to crocheting and occasionally have a hard time reading and understanding patterns.  I found the pattern to the Over the Shoulder Mini Purse and decided to give it a try since I've never done anything using the basketweave technique.  I should probably stop trying out new patterns late at night because I got myself so confused.  Eventually, I just decided to have each row be the opposite of the row before it.  So if I did a Front Post Double Crochet in the previous row, the next row I would use a Back Post Double Crochet.  Once the body of the purse was done I just quickly crocheted a strap that I will eventually sew into the purse. Later on I will also be putting a lining inside the purse but that will have to wait.  Too many other things to do. So I guess if I had to name this purse I would call it "The Happy Accident Purse".  Not exactly what I set out to make but it still came out decent looking.

So the day after I made "The Happy Accident Purse" I decided to go back and read the original pattern.  Suddenly my brain started to work and it made much more sense to me.  Since I still had quite a bit of Bernat cotton yarn left I decided to give that purse another try.  Now I will say I still was not able to follow the pattern perfectly.  I somehow got off on how many stitches there should be in Row 2 so I did just kind of fudge a bit to get where I was supposed to be.  However, this attempt is definitely closer to the original pattern.  I still need to make a strap for it though.

So I guess the moral of the story is if you already have a tough time reading patterns you might not want to start a new project late at night when your brain is ready for bed.  On the other hand, if you do this you might come up with something cool on your own.


  1. Hi my dear friend, You know I like purses so so much..:)) And your purse is really very beautiful with a very hard motif pattern..:))
    All best days...:))

  2. I think it came out pretty. You did great figuring out your own pattern. :)

  3. That is how I crochet, too. I'm still pretty new to it and my husband teases me when I do something really hard, it's because I haven't figured out that I'm not supposed to be able to do that, yet.

  4. Pretty purses. The pattern you made is not easy at all :) I also like challanging myself with complicated patterns and creating my own pattern or just being inventive :)

  5. Great purses, really! What a nice pattern, and the color is so warm.

  6. I think the first bag just has your personal touch. I like to call those mistakes - design elements!

  7. Thanks everyone for the kind words!


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