Monday, October 1, 2012

Corner to Corner Afghan

I didn't have a chance to run downtown and pick up fabric and thread for my Kit Kat purse until today so this weekend I started working on a Corner to Corner afghan.  I'm using Red Heart Super Saver and the colors are Black, Cherry Red, Paddy Green, and Amethyst.

I chose this pattern because I like challenging myself with new patterns and techniques.  I figure that's the only way to become a better crocheter.  This is an easy and mindless pattern once you get the hang of it.  Red Heart provides a short tutorial video to help get you started.  If you know how to chain, double crochet and slip stitch you are good to go.  While I've known how to do these things since I first started crocheting it's interesting how if you just alter it slightly you can create a whole different kind of finished piece.

Thank you to everyone that follows my blog or leaves comments!  At the moment Blogger is acting up and I'm not able to load the pages to respond to comments.  Hopefully, this will get fixed soon.  


Thank you to everyone that leaves a comment! I might not get a chance to respond to each and every one but I do read them and appreciate you taking the time to visit my blog and comment!

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