Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Busy, Busy Summer

So, I have been sitting here at the computer trying to come up with something to talk about on this blog post.  You would think it would be easy considering it's been two months since my last post.  I guess in some ways I have too much to discuss since it has been a pretty busy and hectic summer.

My mother-in-law came to visit for about 3 weeks.  We had a great time going to Switzerland, Czech Republic, and quite a few places in Germany.  The day she left my parents arrived and stayed for 2 weeks.  We went to Berlin and Salzburg and of course some nearby towns in Germany.  It was absolutely wonderful to spend time with our family members but 5 weeks of non-stop visitors was a little much.  And of course the day I take my parents to the airport I have to immediately get all my medical records in order so my husband can get his official orders to Hawaii.  All I have to say about the quality of medical care here on our base is I'm not a big fan of having the government being in charge.  Very disappointing to say the least although not at all surprising.

Anyway,  here is a list of goals I have set for myself this fall:

1)  make the Kit Kat Purse for my friend's daughter.

2)  count up how many hats I have ready to send to Bridge and Beyond and make how ever many I need to reach my goal of 100 hats sent this year.  I think the last time I counted I only had about 7 more to make.

3)  Put my vacation photos on Facebook and send my Flat Stanley adventures to Sandy so she can post them on her blog.

4)  Continue working on my next big secret crochet project.  Stay tuned!  I have a feeling I will be talking about it in my next blog post.

5) Start putting together my Scrap Afghan.  

Thank you everyone that continued to post comments on my blog!  Sorry I have been absent for so long and haven't gotten a chance to respond.


  1. Hi Katie! Wow, you have been very busy too! It was always lovely to catch up with family and love ones but it is also nice when everything goes back to normal and you are back to your own space and go back to the hobbies and things that you like to do.
    All the best with all the goals that you are trying to achieved!

    Ning x : )

    1. Thanks for visiting! Glad I'm not the only one that loves their family but is excited to get back to normalcy when they leave.

  2. Hello Katie
    I start like that sometimes looking at my blog thinking I've done nothing which is utterly ridiculous because I never days are full...the way I like it. I suppose its just a question of reorganizing ones thoughts.
    Its great to catch up with family members but it does muck up ones routine and although I love my family very much I often think the proverb "its great to see them arrive but nice to see them go" is very apt.
    OOOOh! a secret project I'll keep a look out for that!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

    1. That's a great proverb and definitely true!

  3. Glad you stopped by my space so that I could visit you here. Lovely blog n really like the fact that you do so much for charity. Hand made items with love is reserved for family or special friends. Good to see you give it to those who need it most.

    I m facing a similar situation home front, but with 2 toddlers maybe grand parents are a blessing :)

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog !


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